The Liberals last night confirmed they won’t stand up for Victorian students – instead they will rollover for their Federal Liberal counterparts who want to shortchange Victorian government school students.

Matthew Guy admitted he will buddy up to Scott Morrison and leave Victorian schools billions of dollars worse off.

When asked on Sky News last night whether the Liberals would sign up to the deal Matthew Guy said:

David Speers: With respect, what does that mean? You would sign the deal.

Matthew Guy: Any money we can get extra, we will sign to get, if we can advocate.

David Speers: You won’t hold out for more?

Matthew Guy: If we can advocate for more, David, we’ll get it, but you’ve got to have a constructive relationship.

David Speers: But you’d sign first?

Matthew Guy: Yes, you have to have a constructive relationship.

The Federal Liberals’ broken promise on education means non-government schools are funded to 100 per cent of the per student funding standard but cap government schools at only 95 per cent. This is completely unfair - but Matthew Guy won’t even stick up for Victorian schools and fight for the last five per cent.

Not only will the Liberals duck a fight for equality between government and non-government schools, they have also refused to commit to increasing state funding to 75 per cent of the schooling resourcing standard.

When last in government in Victoria, the Liberals slashed $1 billion out of our education system, leaving schools to crumble and decay across the state.

In stark contrast, the Andrews Labor Government has invested more than $3.8 billion to build new schools and upgrade 1,300 schools across the state and will open 100 more new schools over the next eight years.

Unlike Matthew Guy who’ll roll over and let Scott Morrison walk all over him – Labor will always negotiate the best deal for Victorian schools.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education James Merlino

“You can’t trust the Liberals when it comes to our kids’ schools – Matthew Guy has guaranteed our government schools will be billions of dollars worse off under the Liberals.”

“Labor will never let the Liberals destroy our schools like they did when last in government because we know there is always more to do.”

“Matthew Guy claims he will support government schools but last night he confirmed he won’t. He also stood by when the Federal Liberals cut $630 million from Victorian schools.”

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