Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberals must reverse their latest round of savage cuts to Victorian hospitals and avoid putting the lives of Victorian patients at risk.

In a disgraceful hit on Victoria’s health system, the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government is clawing back $200 million from our state’s hospitals.

These cuts are the equivalent of the total yearly operating budget of Sale or Horsham hospitals, or 12,000 hip replacements, more than 180,000 chemotherapy treatments, or 390,000 dialysis procedures.

It’s not acceptable and that’s why the Andrews Labor Government has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison demanding these health cuts be put on the COAG agenda so the Morrison Government can be held accountable, and pay what it owes to Victorian patients.

On our first day of government we took immediate action to end the Liberals’ ambulance crisis – and in the final day before the caretaker period, we’re still standing up for our health system.

Over the past four years, the Labor Government has repaired the billion dollar cuts the Victorian Liberals made to health. We’ve ended the war on our paramedics, improved response times, rebuilt hospitals and reduced waiting lists. We’ve enshrined nurse and midwife patient ratios, and employed more frontline staff.

While the Liberals cut, only Labor stands with hard-working nurses and doctors, and puts patients first. That’s why a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will deliver a landmark $1.38 billion package to employ more paramedics and build more ambulance stations, recruit 1,100 new nurses and midwives, build 10 community hospitals, and provide 500,000 specialist appointments in rural and regional Victoria.

Only Labor will take the fight to Canberra against these cuts, unlike the Victorian Liberals who did nothing when Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and now Scott Morrison took the axe to Victorian hospitals.

It’s more proof you can’t trust the Liberals when it comes to health – all they do is cut.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Health Jill Hennessy

“When the Liberals cut health, they put the lives of Victorian patients at risk – it’s that simple.”

“Every doctor, nurse and patient will suffer because of Scott Morrison’s savage cuts to our hospitals. That’s why we want this on the COAG agenda.”

“Our hardworking hospitals have provided the treatment and care for Victorians, but Scott Morrison won’t pay the bill. He’s not holding up his end of the bargain – it’s not fair and it’s not on.”