The Liberals and Nationals have revealed a massive, $39 billion budget black hole and secret plans to cut services and sack workers on the eve of the state election.

The Liberals have promised over $54.3 billion in major infrastructure projects, but have only funded $11.3 billion of them.

They have ruled out borrowing, tax increases and value capture – meaning they can only pay for their commitments by sacking workers, closing schools and hospitals and cutting services that Victorians rely on.

The Liberals’ costings detail:

  • A $60 million shortfall for Maryborough Hospital

  • A $220 million shortfall for the Barwon Heads Rd duplication

  • A $180 million shortfall for the Clyde rail extension

  • An almost $80 million shortfall on the Berwick-Cranbourne Road Duplication, and

  • Not a cent for Frankston Hospital which the Opposition Leader committed to on Wednesday.

  • Not a cent for the Gap Road level crossing removal

  • A cut of $42.6 million from existing MFB and CFA budgets

  • A cut of $160 million from road safety initiatives

They’ve also lied about not imposing new taxes, announcing plans to burden retirees with increased charges from the Retirement Housing Ombudsman and plans to extend the Environmental Contribution Levy.

It follows the revelation that the Liberals will privatise Victoria’s plumbing, selling off critical water infrastructure in a move likely to send water bills skyrocketing.

Labor will keep standing up against Liberal cuts and closures – and continue our record as a government for hardworking families, not corporations.

We will continue building the big, visionary projects our state needs – building the road and rail we need today to support our state for tomorrow, and creating tens of thousands of good new jobs.

This includes fully-funding the $15.8 billion North East Link, the $10 billion Airport Rail Link, and the $6.6 billion expansion of Labor’s Level Crossing Removal Project.

Only Labor has a fully-costed, fully-funded plan that delivers for all Victorians.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“These costings make it perfectly clear, Matthew Guy will sack workers, close schools and hospitals and cut services that Victorians rely on to pay for his promises.”

“Victorians know what it means when the Liberals say they want to privatize an essential service – it means that every time you turn on your tap, every time you have a shower, every time you flush the toilet, you will pay more.”

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