The chaos around energy policy in the Liberal Party continues, with Frankston candidate Michael Lamb first lying, then back-flipping on the Coalition's power plant promise.

In an interview meltdown on Sky News last night, Mr Lamb claimed no tax-payers money would be used to pay for a power plant if the Liberals were elected on Saturday.

But just minutes later, Mr Lamb back-flipped on the claim – admitting the Liberals would force Victorian taxpayers to fork out for the new power plant.

In his national interview he said:

David Speers: So the taxpayer would fund…

Michael Lamb: No, no, it’s private industry.

David Speers: But they can do that already.

Michael Lamb: Well they haven’t.

David Speers: What would the government do?

Michael Lamb: We’ll allow them to do it.

David Speers: But with their own money?

Michael Lamb: Yes.


Michael Lamb: I’m not saying it’s going to be coal fired. You’re putting words in my mouth. It may well be renewable energy. Whatever the market determines.

David Speers: But they do that already. Renewables are built already.

Michael Lamb: Well they’re not reliable and they’re not affordable.

David Speers: You’re talking about coal or gas? So what would you do?

Michael Lamb: Get the market to determine what the best way forward is.

David Speers: I’m still a little unsure.

Michael Lamb: All my understanding of it is that we will tender to get private industry to build a power station.

David Speers: With a bit of help from the state presumably?

Michael Lamb: Yes.

David Speers: So a bit of taxpayers money?

Michael Lamb: Yes.

David Speers: Right. Because earlier you said it wouldn’t be.

Michael Lamb: Sorry.

David Speers: Do you know how much?

Michael Lamb: No.

The embarrassing blunder shows the ongoing chaos that pervades the Liberal National Party when it comes to the most basic energy policy – whether here in Victoria or in Canberra, where the deep internal Coalition divisions on the National Energy Guarantee saw a Prime Minister sacked.

The Liberals privatised Victoria’s power industry, promising competition would lead to cheaper electricity prices, but the only winners have been the big energy corporations making big profits while Victorians pay higher prices.

Only Labor is delivering reforms to put the power back in the hands of Victorians, and helping families save hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills.

In four short years, 732MW of new renewable energy capacity has been built, and more than 3,000MW of renewable capacity is under construction or contracted to be built.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio

“Michael Lamb's interview meltdown shows the ongoing energy policy chaos in the Liberals."

“The Liberals can’t be trusted when it comes to energy – they privatised Victoria's electricity and let big corporations rip you off."

"Only Labor will put power back in the hands of Victorians by putting solar panels on 720,000 homes – saving households up to $890 a year on their power bills."

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