A re-elected Andrews Labor Government will crack down on unscrupulous developers who cut corners and deny homeowners better deals on their power prices.

Too often, Victorian families sign up to buy the home of their dreams from a display suite or glossy brochure, only to get the keys and discover the developer has used shonky products or sacrificed quality to make a quick buck.

In another step to put power back in the hands of Victorians, a re-elected Labor Government will also legislate to ban embedded networks in residential apartment blocks, which too often lock in high costs on consumers.

Exemptions will be allowed for buildings that use renewable energy micro grids to deliver low-cost renewable energy to apartment blocks.

The Andrews Labor Government has already created tough new design standards for developers that is seeing an end to dog-box sized apartments without storage or proper ventilation, but we know there’s more to do.

That’s why a re-elected Labor Government will raise the bar even further, making sure developers deliver the high-quality design and finishes that they promise. 

Our tough new reforms will include:

  • Increasing apartment setbacks from neighbouring properties to improve privacy, natural light, airflow and to stop streets being turned into cold, dark wind tunnels

  • Introducing minimum green space standards

  • Ensuring apartment exteriors are made from natural, durable and safe materials, such as brick, timber, concrete, metal, stone or non-combustible cladding

  • Putting in place mandatory construction management plans to put an end to residents being disturbed by noise from construction workers or rubbish removalists outside reasonable hours.

Victoria has led the nation when it comes to the safety of building occupants, with blanket bans on some materials and a taskforce spearheading efforts to remove dangerous cladding from buildings – but a re-elected Labor Government will go further.

We will invest $4 million for Victoria’s architects to work side-by-side with the State Architect to produce better apartment blueprints that support the building of developments that become world-leaders in design, sustainability and liveability.

Only Labor will put homeowners first, ensuring they get what they pay for and achieve their dream of living in the home they love. That’s unlike Matthew Guy, who sidled up to his Liberal Party donor mates and lined the pockets of developers while leaving Victorian families behind.

Quote attributable to Minister for Planning Richard Wynne

“When you’re buying a home, you deserve to get what you pay for. It should be a non-negotiable – and a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will make sure it is.”

Quote attributable to Labor Candidate for Prahran Neil Pharaoh

“Matthew Guy turned his back on regular homeowners to give his developer mates a big pay day. We’ve fixed his mess, but there’s more to do – and only Labor will get it done.”