Only a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will remove the last four remaining dangerous and congested level crossings on the Cranbourne line.

Only ten level crossings were removed in the decade prior to the 2014 election. In just four years, the Andrews Labor Government has already removed 11 on the Cranbourne-Pakenham line alone, but there’s more to do.

That’s why only a re-elected Labor Government will remove the last of the 15 level crossings on the Cranbourne line – making it Victoria’s first level crossing-free rail line.

The four extra level crossings set for the history books are Webster Street in Dandenong, Greens Road in Dandenong South, Evans Road in Lyndhurst, and Camms Road in Cranbourne – which combined leave almost 40,000 vehicles stuck at the boom gates each day.

These crossings put locals at risk too – with 16 near misses at the Greens Road crossing since 2012, and a tragic accident six years ago that resulted in the loss of a life and several serious injuries.

Labor has committed $750 million to duplicate eight kilometres of single track on the Cranbourne line from Dandenong to Cranbourne. This will remove the bottlenecks that cause delays and allow the number of train services to be doubled during peak times, delivering trains every ten minutes along the whole Cranbourne line.

Duplicating the Cranbourne line also paves the way for it to be extended to Clyde with a re-elected Labor Government committing $7 million to complete planning for the new rail link as part of the duplication project.

If the crossings stayed in place, these extra train services would mean the boom gates were down even longer – frustrating drivers, slowing down trains, and putting locals’ safety at even greater risk.

Works to remove these level crossings will be carried out as part of Labor’s Cranbourne Line Duplication to limit disruption to passengers – with only Labor to deliver a duplicated and level crossing-free Cranbourne line.

Together with Labor’s commitment to remove all four dangerous level crossings in Pakenham, this commitment means Labor will remove a total of 22 level crossings on the Cranbourne-Pakenham line.

The Evans and Camms Roads crossings will be removed with road bridges, while the crossing at Webster Street is likely to be removed with a road under rail solution. The crossing at Greens Road is likely to be removed with a rail bridge.

The removal of these four level crossings is fully funded as part of Labor’s $6.6 billion commitment to remove 25 additional level crossings by 2025.

Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

“Only Labor will deliver a fully-duplicated, level crossing-free Cranbourne line – giving people in Melbourne’s south east the safe, fast and reliable public transport they deserve.”

“With 29 level crossings already gone for good, it’s clear – only Labor has the track record to get rid of every level crossing on the Cranbourne line.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

“These dangerous and congested level crossings leave thousands of cars stranded – it’s time for them to go.”

“Whether it’s building the Metro Tunnel, upgrading every regional rail line or removing level crossings, only Labor can be trusted to build the public transport system Victorians need.”

Quote attributable to Member for Dandenong Gabrielle Williams

“Greens Road and Webster Street level crossings have been a congested nightmare for my local community for far too long – only Labor will get rid of them forever.”

Quote attributable to Candidate for Cranbourne Pauline Richards

“Not only will we get on with duplicating the Cranbourne line – we’ll consign four more level crossings to the history books to run more trains more often, giving locals the first ever level crossing-free line.”